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Terms And Conditions

Mutlin Terms And Conditions

  • Terms and conditions
  • By completing and signing Mutlins boarding form you agree to the following:
  • We are not able to accept bookings for a dog subject to the terms of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or any other dogs with aggression problems towards other dogs, cats, other animals and/or people.
  • We encourage you to visit Mutlins with your dog prior to booking. If you choose not to visit and you change your mind you will not be refunded.
  • If you cancel your booking with mutlins for any reason you will not be refunded.
  • You are aware that cats and other animals reside at Mutlins.
  • If your dog reacts badly to cats and other animals then you must tell us prior to any visit as we unfortunately won't be able to accomodate your pet.
  • You will present the dog for boarding in a clean and groomed condition and with up to date vaccinations, worming and flea treatment.
  • Please ensure all your dogs bedding is cleaned directly prior to the arrival date.
  • Please confirm the date of the last Worming and Flea treatment.
  • You will need to supply the necessary dog food and treats for the duration of the stay including lead and toys and bedding. If additional food or treats are required you agree, upon presentation of a receipt, to refund Mutlins prior to or on the day of collection.
  • We are not able to accept bookings for a dog subject to the terms of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or any other dogs with aggression problems towards other dogs, cats other animals and/or people.
  • Reasonable efforts will be made to contact you and your emergency contact in the event of an emergency. However, Mutlins reserves the right to make decisions regarding your dog's health provided it is at all times acting in the best interests of the dog.
  • You will be asked by a member of staff if you want your dog seen by a vet, this will be if your dog becomes unwell, causes a fight, has an accident or injures himself or herself or seems to be in any type of pain. Mutlins will not be held responsible if you have actively declined vetinary treatment or your dog prevents the staff from carrying out treatment. If we feel your decision is incorrect we might need to take him/her to a veterinary practice/ surgeon you agree to be responsible for payment of all the veterinarian fees incurred.
  • If Mutlins deems it necessary to contact a Vet to treat your dog for whatever reason during weekdays or out of hours any treatments will be administered on the advice of a qualified veterinary surgeon and full cost of Vet bills that your dog may incur will be met by you either before or on the day of collection.
  • In the unlikely event that your dog becomes injured you give us full permission to treat the dog accordingly. The owner takes full responsibility for any treatment costs.
  • In the case of a medical emergency/injury if you or your emergency contact is unavailable, you agree for the carer to make any decisions regarding your dog's health providing it is acting in the best interest of your dog and full cost of any treatment will be made by you either before or on the day of collection.
  • You undertake to make full disclosure of any quality or characteristic which might make your dog not suitable for home or kennel boarding, for example, including, but not limited to any behavioural or health problems, anti social behaviour including aggression, incontinence, lack of house training or excessive loud barking/whining, fear of men, women or children fear of hats, parts of their body that cannot be touched, food aggression, cats, birds, wildlife or any other triggering factors.
  • Failure on your part to disclose any matter which might render the dog aggressive or unsuitable for home boarding will be deemed a material omission amounting to a fundamental breach of this agreement.
    You will also be liable for any additional costs due to failure to disclose in the booking form any trait or matter that would be accepted as unsuitable for home or kennel boarding.
  • All deposits are due at the time of booking. Your booking can only be confirmed when both the deposit and the signed booking form have been received. If Mutlins is not able to reserve your bookings pending the payment of your deposit. Your deposit is not refundable and non transferable.
  • If Mutlins is unable to fulfil a booking, we will use all reasonable endeavors to arrange an introduction to another suitable boarding service. If we are not able to recommend an alternative boarding service, we will refund your booking deposit.
  • The owner agrees that he/she is responsible for reimbursing any costs incurred to Mutlins if any damage whatsoever is caused by your dog/dog's to Mutlins home or garden, kennels or possessions.
  • A mutually convenient time for drop off and collection of the dog/s must be agreed between the owner and Mutlins. This can be subject to change.
  • The owner or Emergency Contact must be aware of their role, duties and responsibilities and be available for the duration of the booking in case of emergency or otherwise.
    The owner or Emergency Contact is responsible for payment of any costs incurred, veterinary fees incurred and the owner is responsible for reimbursing any costs incurred by Mutlins if any damage, other than reasonable wear and tear, is caused to the home or possessions by the dog/s.
    Mutlins will make every effort to provide high standards of care at all times but cannot be held liable for loss, injury or death of your dog/s during the period of their stay or at anytime visiting Mutlins property.
  • CANCELLATION CHARGES apply if you change or cancel your booking dates. Deposits will not be transferred or refunded.
  • You will provide a contact name and number on the form of someone who could make decisions if an emergency situation should arise.
  • If you have disclosed to Mutlins that your dog is non-aggressive, but it shows aggressive tendencies towards the Mutlins staff or their family, visitors, another dog either a boarding dog or visiting dog, or should it's behaviour become uncontrollable or a nuisance beyond reasonable acceptance, you agree that he/ she will be collected by your emergency contact and cancellation charges will apply. If Mutlins is unable to contact the emergency contact you provided, your dog will be placed in a Dog Boarding Kennel until your return and this will be subject to a £100 transfer charge and you agree to pay the full costs incurred and the cost of the Dog Boarding Kennel.
  • You agree that if you do not turn up on the agreed date to board your dog you will be liable for the full payment.
  • If your dog becomes destructive and purposely damages property you will be liable to replace/compensate for the damage caused.
    If you are informed by the staff at Mutlins that your dog has caused any damages. Photographic proof will be sent to you by email, text or WhatsApp and payment must be made prior to or upon the collection of your dog.
  • Any behaviour or behaviours/health issues that have not been disclosed about your dog or dog's Mutlins will not be held liable or take any responsibility for.
  • If your dog/dogs bite a member of staff the owner takes full responsibility of the consequences.
  • We do not accept uncastrated dogs and if you haven't disclosed this either by phone or booking form your booking will be cancelled with no refund.
    With the exception of uncastrated dogs under 6 months of age please call us to discuss.
  • If your dog is uncastrated and you haven't disclosed this to us Mutlins will not take any responsibility or liability for any incidents that can relate to an uncastrasted male dog. For example fighting, injury or pregnancy.
  • We cannot accept a bitch in season when there are dogs from other households.
  • Mutlins is a home boarding establishment. Your dog or dog's have access to run free around a large garden area. The garden area is securily fenced and complies to the licensing regulations. Mutlins fencing is thoroughly checked by a fencing/gardening company once a week. Mutlins will not take any responsibility if your dog or dog's dig under or climb the fencing to escape. You are giving us permission to exercise your dog in our large garden off the lead unless you inform us otherwise. If you know of any reason why your dog should not be exercised off the lead with other dogs please disclose this in the box stating other information.
  • During the period of boarding we will exercise every possible care and attention to the welfare and safety of your dog/ dog's. However we accept no responsibility for problems outside our control and pets are boarded entirely at the clients risk.
  • There are staff on site 24 hours a day 7 days a week to supervise and care for your dog.
    This does not mean that we will be by your dogs side the entire time.
    We are a home boarder and have other dogs on site that also need our care and attention.
  • We expect you to have high expectations from us at Mutlins and in the care your pet receives. Equally, our staff expect to be treated with respect. We value our employees and would respectfully request that they are treated as you would expect to be treated yourself. Any unacceptable behaviour towards staff, (including bullying, harassment and victimisation) which may involve actions, words, texts, emails or physical gestures that could reasonably be perceived to be the cause of another person's distress or discomfort will be treated very seriously. This will result in the termination of your contract with us and further action if needed.
  • Potential boarding dogs visiting Mutlins will be under the sole care and responsibility of their owner. Mutlins will not take any responsibility whatsoever for the visiting dog/dogs behaviour until their dog has been assessed and Mutlins staff agree for the dog/dogs to be a registered customer. The boarding visitors takes full responsibility if their dog shows any negative behaviour, aggression, fighting or damage.
  • Any additional information that we obtain from you that is not written on your boarding form regarding the dogs behaviour could terminate the dogs stay at Mutlins with no refund.